Vida Art is a musical management agency for international classical musicians. We proudly promote and represent fine artists from all over the world. Specialized in Classical music, Jazz music and World music, from our musicians you can expect variety of combinations in music styles and instruments you don’t hear every day. Vida Art collaborates with artists and companies to provide the best concerts combining the highest standards of music and management.

Musicians we work with go from established international performers to stars of the future. What we offer is personal management and mediation service for musicians with dynamic and structured approach to the long-term development of their artists careers.

As agency we are always interested to collaborate on bold new projects. Professional in handling every aspect of touring (contracts, accommodation and travel, financial management and administration, scheduling, security and overall event management) with focus on collaboration and trust between the artist and our team. Through consistent networking with concert presenters, orchestras, and festivals nationally and internationally, we work toward expanding the availability and exposure of our artists to exciting, prominent, and new markets.

We always commit to quality whether we promote emerging artists or musicians already advanced in their careers.

Services we offer:

General management

Event management

Tour booking

Artist marketing

If you are looking for fine artists, you might be in the right place.

If you are looking for more concerts, for more festivals to perform in yet, others to organize it – you are on the right place.

Our team is composed from managers that have extensive musical background and we understand your needs. So, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss projects with presenters interested in our musicians.

Inspired by love of music.