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The guitar or football? This was no difficult decision for the 11-year-old Antonio Malinconico.

Born in 1979 in St Gallen, where he was to grow up, the boy with Italian roots was involved in diverse musical projects from a very young age. He experimented, gained experience and discovered his love for the classical guitar.

In 2005, he completed his five-year guitar studies at the Zurich University of the Arts with honors. Where his studies gave him a fundamental basis, his travels through Central and South America, as well as through the Middle East, gave him a window to a wide variety of guitar playing styles. Tango and South American folklore served to broaden his musical horizons.

Antonio Malinconico’s music reflects the emotions of the South. Characterized by passion and an unfathomable melancholy – as professed in his name.

These contrasting emotions melt together to form the bitter-sweet mixture that defines southern art and culture and penetrates Argentinian folklore, tango and Neapolitan folk music in equal measure. 

Argentinian guitar music, compositions by master Astor Piazzolla and Jorge Cardoso, in particular, epitomizes Malinconico’s work. The “St. Galler Kampanier”, a name emphasizing Malinconico’s Italian heritage and Swiss residence, interprets them with his very own mixture of southern temperament and northern balance.


Antonio Malinconico now looks back upon a long-standing, diverse career of live performances. Since 2009, he has traveled through Switzerland, Germany, and Austria with his trio named “Antonio Malinconico e Amici”. Following the release of the solo album entitled “Vamos al Sur”, solo concerts in Switzerland and Germany ensued in spring 2013, alongside five exclusive concerts in Buenos Aires and inland Argentina.

Since the beginning of 2014, he has contributed to the „Night of Nylonguitars“

This project involves three virtuoso guitar compositions from the categories “world”, “tango”, and “bossa jazz” played on an acoustic nylon string guitar. Every year, around seven concerts held in the German region spanning Karlsruhe to Dresden is met with resounding approval from the audience. The nylon guitar nights are the brainchild of Martin Müller. Originally from Karlsruhe, he has dedicated the past 25 years wholeheartedly and with a pioneering spirit to the Brazilian guitar and has established himself as a leading composer, author, and musician in his field.

In November 2015, Argentinian guitarist and composer Juan Falú invited Antonio Malinconico to the

Guitarras del Mundo”  festival

The five concerts held in the renowned concert halls of Argentinian cities San Miguel, Córdoba, San Luis, Mendoza, and San Juan were an unforgettable experience. Numerous concerts have already been planned for 2016 and are to take place in German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland, and Germany.


Antonio Malinconico’s discography reflects his relentless work. In 2007, his mini-debut “Adiós” was released, featuring his own compositions. In February 2010, his first long play, “Tempesta”, created with the trio “Antonio Malinconico e Amici”,  appeared on the shelves. In that very same year, he recorded a tango CD with his former university guitar teacher, Jury Clormann, which was given the title “Misteriosa Vida”. In the spring of 2011, his first solo album, “PorSiempreSur” followed, featuring South American works by Astor Piazzolla, Ariel Ramirez, Eduardo Falú and Jorge Cardoso. “In Attesa”, another works by the trio „Antonio Malinconico e Amici”, was released in 2012. The solo album “Por Siempre Sur” was continued in the summer of 2013 with “Vamos al Sur”.

In 2014 and 2015, various videos were created, including “La Trampera” by Anibal Troilo, the melancholic “Un Dia de Noviembre” by Leo Brouwer and “Milonga“ by

Jorge Cardoso featuring Columbian dancer Andrea María Méndez Torres

A CD entitled “Cambio de Cuerdas”, translating to “a change of strings”  is scheduled to be recorded in Holland in June 2016. The title stems from Malinconico’s endeavor to to broaden his repertoire, moving beyond Argentinian pieces to incorporate music from other Latin American countries. These new additions were inspired by musical encounters over the past two years, such as those with Martin Müller (Germany),

Federico Diaz (New York City) and Esart Udo de Haes (the Netherlands).

Background and grants

Antonio Malinconico’s family is originally from the hinterland of Naples. He spent much of his childhood there, and, even today, he is drawn back to his hometown on a regular basis.

This Mediterranean environment inspires the guitarist. Thanks to a grant from the Culture Foundation of Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden, he had the opportunity to complete a four-month stay in Naples in 2011. This fascinatingly contrasting maritime city was where he wrote the piece “In Attesa” for the trio Antonio Malinconico e Amici”.

In 2012, the city council of St Gallen accorded him a three-month stay at an art studio in Genua and the canton of St Gallen provided support in the form of a grant.

These contributions and stays abroad enabled the composer and guitarist to dedicate himself to developing his music.