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Dalbergia Duo is the only Polish female percussion (marimba) duo. The duo, founded in 2017, has already achieved international success – festival concerts well received by a wide audience.

Dalbergia Duo was honored in April 2018 with the first prize in the chamber music category at the VI International Master Competition for Music Teachers and a recommendation from the Polish Music Foundation for an outstanding interpretation of Polish works, in December 2018 they received the second prize in the chamber music category at the International North Music Competition in Stockholm, and in 2019 they received 2nd prize at the IMKA International Internet Music Competition in Sarajevo, in the Chamber music category.

Both artists received their Ph.D. in Art in 2017. Dalbergia Duo collaborates intensively with Polish composers of the young generation in the performance and creation of new compositions.

Dr. Anna Rutkowska 

Anna Rutkowska, DMA, is a talented and open-minded Polish marimbist and percussion artist with a huge desire and determination for discovering new fields of music.

She graduated with honors from the instrumental department at Academy
of Music in Cracow, Poland (2009), and it was a starting point of her career.  Anna has had a chance to work with great people from the contemporary marimba and percussion world like Keiko Abe, Theodor Milkov, Jean Geoffroy, William Moersch, Fumito Nunoya, Marta Klimasara, Peter Prommel, Katarzyna My
ćka, John Beck, Tchiki Duo, Ramon Lormans, Vincent Houdijk, Mitch Markovitch, Ricardo Flores, Nippy Noya.

In 2017, having completed Doctoral Studies at the Academy of Music
in Cracow, she received the academic Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Fine Arts for
the doctoral dissertation on the influence of culture, traditions, and arts
of Japan on the works for marimba solo and chamber marimba music
by Japanese composers: Keiko Abe, Minoru Miki, and Akira Miyoshi.

In 2009, as the Laureate of the XII International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music in Cracow, (Poland) Anna Maria directed her main focus on solo and chamber marimba performance.

She performed at many festivals in Poland including “Warsaw Autumn” (Warsaw, Poland), “Sources and Inspirations”, “Audio Art”, “International Festival of Krakow Composers” (Cracow, Poland), and also took part in numerous concerts across Europe, like in Germany “BeethovenFest” (Bonn), Switzerland “KALIMA” (Lausanne), and the Netherlands “Uitgast” (Lelystad), and “Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy” (Amsterdam).

Dr. Julianna Kamila Siedler-Smuga 

– drummer, marimbaphonist, performer, improviser.

In June 2017, she received a doctorate in musical arts, working under the supervision of prof. Grzegorz Jurczyk.
In August 2018, she graduated with honors from Percussion Theater at the LUCA Lemmensintitute in Leuven (Master in de Muziek), Belgium, in the class of CC Lina. In June 2014, she also completed Master’s studies (Master in de Muziek) in the marimba class of prof. L. Alberta and CC Lina at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium,
and in 2012 she graduated with honors from the Academy of MusicG. and K. Bacewicz in Łódź, receiving a master’s degree in art, in the percussion class of prof. U. BereźnickaPniak and Dr. P. Pniak. In 2011, under the Erasmus program, she studied at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels under the supervision of professors: G. Franҫois, B. Quartier and B. Bouckaert.

Julianna is constantly improving her skills at master courses in Poland and abroad, working under the supervision of eminent professors (including K. Abe, NJ Živkovič, K. Myćka, B. Johnston, S.Stayonov, Tchiki Duo).