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Giacomo Piepoli – Clarinet

He started his musical studies at the age of twelve, playing piano and clarinet in a music school; after less than 10 years he graduated in Clarinet at the “Piccinni” Music Conservatory of Bari under the guidance of Maestro Giuseppe Accogli. He then perfected himself under the guidance of Maestro Giuseppe Demichele, Maestro Francesco Defronzo (clarinet of the Teatro dell’ Opera in Rome), and Maestro Fabrizio Meloni (clarinet of the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan).

At the Piccinni Music Conservatory of Bari from November of 2011 to September of 2013, he taught Clarinet at the Piccinni-Bari Conservatory. Giacomo had a number of experiences as a player in regional orchestras:  1 clarinet of the Pugliese Philharmonic, 1 clarinet of the Symphonic Orchestra of the BAT Province, 1 clarinet of the Soundiff Orchestra, clarinet in a row and bass clarinet of the Bari Province Symphony Orchestra, Eurorchestra of Bari and others.

He became eligible thru auditions and competitions for positions at the Conservatories Nino Rota di Monopoli and the Niccolò Piccinni di Bari. Also, he collaborated with renowned wind orchestras such as Bracigliano, Giola del Colle, Corato, Noci, Rutigliano and Conversano.  Over the years he’s played with distinguished conductors such as EzioBosso, Giovanni Pelliccia, Michele Marvulli, Nicola HansalikSamale, Giuseppe Lanzetta, Gerardo Garofalo, Maurizio Billi, Giovanni Minafra, Federico Mondelci, RinoMarrone, and a number of others, usually in the role of first clarinet or piccolo clarinet in MiB.  

     July of 2017, in Barletta, he performed as a soloist, a concert for clarinet and orchestra, Introduction, Theme, and Variations by G. Rossini, with the Orchestra Soundiff conducted by Maestro Salvatore Campanale.  Giacomo Piepoli has taught at several primary schools as an expert music instructor in teaching discipline from the beginning classes to the pre-academic courses Musicalnsieme, Academy of Molfetta in accordance with the Conservatory Nino Rota of Monopoli.

Since 2009 his activity has been extremely intense especially in chamber music: he is the Bass Clarinet of the wind quintet “Legni Pregiati”, protagonist ensemble in the Province of Bari, and sponsored for the 2019 concert activity by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Region Puglia for the fifth consecutive year. He often plays in a duo with piano or with guitarist Marco Corcella, in a refined and original heterogeneous repertoire. In January 2020 with the “Auditorium Quartet” (Perpich, Mastromatteo, Argentieri) he performed several replicas of the famous “Quatuor pour la fin du temps” by O. Messiaen.

     Since December 2013 he has been the principal clarinet of the “Apulian Philharmonic” Orchestra conducted by Maestro Giovanni Minafra. Regularly invited as the principal clarinet in the most important wind and band orchestras of Southern Italy, he covered this role in the 2016 artistic season of the “Città di Rutigliano” Wind Orchestra conducted by Maestro G. Gregucci and in the following years in the City Band of Acquaviva Delle Fonti.

Marco Corcella – Guitar

He began studying guitar at age 11, before entering the Conservatorio “Niccolò Piccinni” in Bari from where he graduates magna cum laude in 2009. He won several international competitions, playing in important international festivals in Italy and abroad. He attended masterclasses with Flavio Cucchi, Lorenzo Micheli, Marcos Vinicius, Gonzalo Solari, Roland Dyens, Paul Bellinati, Aniello Desiderio, and Giulio Tampalini.

He is a passionate chamber musician and he has been playing since 2010 with the violinist Gabriele Ceci, leader violin in Petruzzelli Theatre Orchestra in Bari, forming the “VG violin guitar duo”,  a chamber formation dedicated to the diffusion of violin and guitar music with which he performed in important national festivals. 

In 2015 he was released their first CD “DUO”, with music for guitar and violin by Paganini, Giuliani, and Piazzolla. In 2019, he formed the DoubleCduo with the clarinetist Giacomo Piepoli.

Lecturer for music organizations for concert lectures at educational institutions, he is the author of some essays on works by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, published in the magazine “Soundboard”, on behalf of the Guitar Foundation of America

He collaborated in the making of a documentary on guitarist Mauro Giuliani, an important name of the Italian instrumentalism of the nineteenth century, with the participation of great names in the guitar scene, such as Thomas Heck, Marco Riboni, and Oscar Ghiglia.

He was elected as an expert teacher and designer for musical workshop teaching for the Italian Ministry of Education.

He studied conducting with Roberto Duarte, Marco Angius, Fabrizio Dorsi and orchestration with Stefano Fonzi, composition and choral conducting with Andrea Gargiulo and Alfonso Mastrapasqua, working with various ensembles and orchestras such as Orchestra Filarmonica Pugliese and he is assistant conductor of “MusicaInGioco” Youth Orchestra, inspired to the Venezuelan “El Sistema” by J. Abreu and founded by Italian conductor and jazz pianist Andrea Gargiulo, with whom he was recently guest conductor of the KinderLeo Festival, an important Italian Baroque festival.

He is a teacher of music and guitar in Italian public schools.