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Eva was born on 15 of April 2004 and now she is a student of Central Music School by Moscow State Conservatory named after P. Tchajkowsky. She studies with Natalia Troull and with Tatiana Chudova by composition. Eva is a prize winner of many competitions:

– “Internet Music Competition” (Serbia, 2011, 1st prize)

– “Pozzolino” (Ettore Pozzoli) International Competition for Young Pianists (Italy, 2012, 1st prize)

– International Competition of performing Art (Russia, St-Petersburg, 2013, 1st prize)

– International piano competition “Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte” (Czech Republic 2013, 1st prize and Special prize for the best performance of Chopin from major of the city)

– “Malta International competition” (Malta, Valletta, 2014, 1st prize)

– Chopin International Piano Competition for Children and Youth (Poland, Szafarnia 2014, 1st prize)

– 2nd International competition “Citta di San Dona di Piave” (Italy, Venice, 2014, Grand-Prix of whole competition, public prize, special prize from Jin Ju)

– Piano Talents (Italy, Milano 2014, premio assoluto)

– First International Piano Festival in Italy (Pescara, 2014, 1st prize)

– Chopin Piano Competition for young musicians in Poland (Jelena Gora, 2014, 3rd prize)

– ClaviCologne Piano Competition (Aachen, Germany, 2015, 1st prize)

– National piano competition named by Bakulov (Ekaterinburg, 2015, 1st prize and special prize for cantilena piece)

– St Cecilia international piano competition (Portugal, 2015, 1st prize)

– National TV competition of young talents (2015, Russia, Miscow, the only piano finalist) 

– Moscow city competition of compositors “The magic lira” (2015, Russia, Moscow, 3rd prize)

– The 13th International competition of young composers in Novosibirsk (2016, Russia, Novosibirsk, 1-st prize)

– Contea International piano competition (2016, Italy, Trevizo, premio assoluto and special prizes)

– International competition of classic solo performance “Nota Bene” (2016, Russia, St. Petersburg, 1st prize)

– Moscow competition for young composers “Debut” (2016, Russia, Moscow, 1st prize) 

– international Piano Competition of Giuliano Pecar in Gorizia (Italy, 2016 premio assoluto)

– Alion Baltic Piano Competition (Estonia, Tallinn, 2016, 1-st prize and special prize – performance with symphonic orchestra in 2017)

– 3rd International Piano Competition Aci Bertoncelj (Slovenia, Velenje, 2016, 1-st prize and two special prizes – award for the best performed compulsory composition and award for promising pianist)

– 1st Robert Schumann piano competition (Germany, Düsseldorf, 2017, 1-st prize)

– 2nd International piano competition named by V. Krainev (Russia, Moscow, 2017, diplomat and 2 special prizes) 

– Junior Eppan Academy with Andrea Bonatta (Italy, Eppan, 2017, the Junior prize)

– 1st international piano competition “City of Vigo” without age limit (Spain, Vigo, 3rd prize “Juan Montes” in group till 45 years old and the special prize “Crisostomo Arriaga” to the best competitor under 20 years old)

– International piano competition Astana Piano Passion (Kazakhstan, Astana, 2017, 2nd prize and Audience prize) 

– T. Amirejibi international piano competition (2017, Georgia, Borjomi, 1-st prize)

– IX International competition of composers “Romanticism: its origins and beyond” (2017, Russia, Moscow, 2-nd prize)

– In May Eva became a laureate in Grand Piano Competition in Moscow;

– In June Eva won the first prize in Cleveland International Piano Competition in USA. She was invited to play a recital in Cleveland on the 20th of October

Eva took part in the first and the third “New names” international festival of young musician-performers in Armenia in 2011 and 2013.

She performed in Bach Festival in the House of Music in Moscow. Eva performed also at chamber hall of Moscow Philarmony, at Rachmaninoff Hall at Moscow Conservatory, at the House of Cinema, at museum of Prokofiev, took part in charity concerts.

In march 2014 Eva performed in Germany (Wuppertal and Cologne) within the piano festival “ClaviCologne”. During the festival in Italy Eva performed in Rome, Pescara, Kieti and other towns. She had masterclasses with Dmitry Bashkirov, Stanislav Ioudenitch, William Nabore, Gregory Gruzman, Andrea Bonatta, Jaques Rouvier, Pavel Gililov, Vincenzo Balzani, Aquiles delle Vigne, Daniel Pollack, Lily Dorfman, Oxana Yablonskaya, Nina Tichman, Andreas Frohlich, Zigfried Mauser, Leonel Morales, Arkady Zenziper, Guliano Mazzocante, Mira Marchenko, Nikita Fitenko, Valery Piassetsky and Yakob Leyshner.

During July 2015 Eva took part in Alion Baltic festival.

The first Eva’s performance with chamber orchestra of Ivanovo’s Philarmonic orchestra (conducter – Dmitry Shudrov) was in may 2014, where Eva played concert by J. Haydn D-dur. Also she played this concert in Bulgaria (Vratsa) and orchestra of Vratsa in September 2014, in Poland in November, in Germany in Aachen with Dortmund orchestra and in Ekaterinburg with state orchestra of Novouralsk in 2015. During Alion Baltic Festival Eva played many concerts in Tallinn. Eva’s first solo 1,5 hour recital was in Yerevan in October 2015. Also she played the recitals in Germany (Dresden) and in many cities of Russia. Eva is the only pianist who passed to the final of National TV show “Blue bird” in 2015. In March 2016 Eva was chosen to play concerto no 12 by Mozart with Chamber orchestra NRW in Aachen with Pavel Gililov. In May 2016 Eva performed concerto by E. Grieg with Philharmonic orchestra of Bacau in Italy. In June 2016 in Tallinn at piano competition Eva was chosen to play with symphonic orchestra in 2017, In September 2016 Eva was invited to educational camp for talented children “Sirius” in Sochi, where she studied piano and composition. Eva had solo recital in Ukraine and also played there with Sumy philharmonic orchestra in November. In December Eva again was invited to Sochi for government educational program. In February Eva had solo recitals in Yerevan. Eva was chosen to attend the Junior piano academy with Andrea Bonatta in April. In May 2017 Eva played Concerto in d-minor by Bach with Malta Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra (conductor: Mathieu Poluliot) in Malta. 

In June Eva took part in Ferrara piano festival in Italy and won there the Recital Award in 2018.

In July Eva was chosen as a participant of Sirius center for gifted children in Sochi again. She performed with Denis Matsuev there. 

Eva asked Vladimir Putin about possibilities of education reforms for musicians from special music schools in Russia in live TV program during live broadcast in Sochi.

In August Eva attended masterclasses with Pavel Gililov in Luebeck (Germany). She performed in Riga (Latvia) as a distinguished guest artist in august during the Alion Baltic Festival. 

In August Eva attended Como summer Piano Academy where she had masterclasses with Dmitry Bashkirov, Stanislav Ioudenitch and William Nabore. 

Eva performed in Dobbiaco at Alto Adobe Festival concert Wunderkinder in front of the president of Italy Sergio Mattarella.