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Martino Vercesi was born in Milan.

He began to study modern guitar when he was ten years old.

After that, he studied classical guitar and in 2002 he graduated in classical guitar at the “G.Verdi” Conservatory in Milan with highest marks.

He completed his training with Bruno Giuffredi and Andrea Dieci for classical guitar, Gigi Cifarelli, Luca Meneghello, Pasquale Grasso, and Adam Rogers for jazz guitar.

He collaborated with several musicians such as Luigi Bonafede, Tony Arco, Giovanni Falzone, Ares Tavolazzi and many others.

He played in several national and international jazz clubs such as Blue Note Milan, Porgy and Bess Vienna, Jazz Club Chur, Jazz Club Torino, Le Baisier salè Paris, etc.

He played live radio and received flattering reviews on specialized magazines

He has several publications at his disposal both as a soloist and as a sideman.

He released “A Method For Modern Guitar” in 2006 with Sinfonica Jazz

His educational videos on youtube have more than 200,000 visits.