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Her hands are pure gold !” said the first teacher of her little pupil. 

Born in Normandy, the French pianist Myriam Birger comes from a family of intellectuals and artists.

Her father, Dr. Karol Birger, had left his native Poland as a young man to join the great Dr. Schweitzer with whom he worked closely in Africa for several years.

Her mother, a literature and music lover, is the daughter of the charismatic Armenian minister Papazian, who saved the lives of hundreds of Armenian orphans and survivors after the Armenian genocide, coming to France (Ardèche) to become the head of a large community of Armenian refugees.

Myriam’s maternal uncle, Samuel Papazian, is a renowned painter, and her brother Michel was a Classics scholar.

Myriam revealed her exceptional piano skills at a very early age.

Her mother had tried to persuade her son to start piano lessons, it appeared that his little sister, Myriam, aged six, needed no persuasion to sit at the piano: she was immediately drawn to the instrument, fascinated by its sound and so fell in love with it.

« Her hands are pure gold », said the first teacher of her little pupil, Louise Clavius-Marius, wife of the French composer Tony Aubin.

And so, two years later Myriam, a real child prodigy, gave her first public concert at the age of eight in the mythic concert hall of the “Ancien Conservatoire de Paris”.

Guided by teachers and encouraged by her mother- a pianist and organist lover- Myriam entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris aged eleven only, in Lucette Descaves’s class.

There she graduated top of her class and was awarded the First Prize in Piano at the age of thirteen, the youngest recipient ever in the institution, and gathered numerous prizes including in chamber music.

She then performed for the first time in the illustrious Théâtre des Champs-Elysées.