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Pepper and The Jellies is an italian four piece band born in 2014 and specialized in traditional/hot jazz, pre war blues and swing. Their sound is considered extremely recognizable tanks to the voice and the charisma of the band leader, the singer and washboard player Ilenia Appicciafuoco who’s also the author of original songs. According to Lino Patruno, one of the most famous italian jazz musician, Ilenia is “The best italian jazz singer”.

An authentic and vibrant interpretation of traditional jazz… if you close your eyes and listen to Ilenia Appicciafuoco singing, you think you’re in the 30s”. (Jim Simpson, Birmingham Jazz and Blues Festival Manager).

Completing the line-up are Marco Galiffa (guitar), Emiliano Macrini (double bass) and Andrea Galiffa (small drum set). The band performed in many festivals and venues all around Europe (Italy, England, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Netherland) and recorded three album: The Viper Session and Christmas Swing (Jazz Standard Records, 2015) and The Stuff is Here (Alman Music and Cose Sonore 2019). The Stuff is here, has been officially displayed during the JekerJazz Maastricht Festival 2019 live on national broadcasting Radio L1mbourg 1, and contains two original songs composed by Ilenia Appicciafuoco.

The new album by PEPPER AND THE JELLIES is the third of their artistic career and is dedicated to traditional jazz, blues and swing enhanced by the presence of two unreleased tracks and the extraordinary participation of the trombonist Mauro Ottolini.

We can also listen to Ottolini in the original You’ll never Know. The other original song, but without special guest, is Before I met you.
The quartet boasts a particular and recognizable sound thanks to the versatility of the musicians (Marco Galiffa on guitar, Emiliano Macrini on double bass and Andrea Galiffa on drums). The fourth element is a … fourth. Ilenia Appicciafuoco, the band’s voice, the washboard player and, above all, the author of the two unreleased songs.

Traditional jazz yes, but reinterpreted according to a personal vision, always far from any imitation, by musicians who never forget to live in the present or their origins. Not surprisingly, the box graphics bring us back to italian simplicity and provinciality.

The music is polite and pleasant with the voice of Ilenia who… lights the fire, both for sensuality and for that anger that characterized the blues singers of that period”.

Jazz in Family, November 2019