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Riccardo Zangirolami was born on October 30th, 2001 from a musicians family, he has been studying the piano since he was six years old and when he was ten he joined the “G. Verdi “ Conservatory in Milan in the class of Maestro Vincenzo Balzani, ranking first in the list of suitable candidates.

At eleven years old he starts being interested in musical composition and begin to write and experiment with things at the piano. He received the first prize in the “Monterosa-Kawai” International Competition in 2009 and the second prize in the “J.S.Bach” National Piano Competition in 2010.

In 2011 he played at the 12th “Monterosa-Kawai” International Competition, winning the first prize and in 2011 he played at the 1st “Piano Talents” International Competition, winning first prize and the following year winning first prize with 98/100. He won the 1st prize at the “Carlo Vidusso” Piano Competition.

In 2013 he played at the “Piano Talents with orchestra” competition, winning the first prize with the Piano Concerto K 503 by W.A. Mozart.

In 2014 he competed at the National Civic School of Music in Milan winning both the 1st prize in his category and the 1st overall prize.

Also in 2014, he won the first prize ex aequo at the contest “Young talents with orchestra 2014” playing the Piano Concerto n. 2 by F. Chopin.

In 2015 he played at the National Civic School of Music in Milan again winning both the 1st prize in his category and the 1st absolute prize, afterward he won the 1st absolute prize ex-aequo at Tadini International Competition in Lovere.

He plays at the Hungarian pavilion of the 2015 EXPO for the Hungarian television program called “Virtuozok”.

In 2016 at the International Competition ‘city of Cantu’ arrived in the semi-final round winning two special awards with scholarships.

In June 2016 he won the Pianotalents award-winning the Pianotalents International Piano Competition in Milan.

In 2017 he won the 1st prize at New York Piano Festival and Competition, also winning the “Virtuoso Performance” special prize and performing in the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

In 2017 he also won the Sergio Dragoni Award in Milan. In May 2018 Riccardo won the second prize at the International Piano Competition City of Cantù playing J.S. Bach Piano Concerto in D minor, a piece that later in May will be played and conducted by Riccardo himself with “A. Vivaldi Symphony Orchestra”.

Riccardo attended international masterclasses with Giuseppe Andaloro, Philippe Raskin, Yuri Bogdanov, Shuku Iwasaki

In 2018 Riccardo began studying Orchestration with the American orchestrator Conrad Pope, who worked for Maestro John Williams in the highest-grossing films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones.

In 2019 Riccardo arranged a piece for piano – 8 hands that were played at Italia’s Got Talent

Active also as a composer and orchestrator, since 2019 he begins a collaboration with Israeli composer Nitzan Sagie orchestrating his music for a Production Music album distributed by Warner/Chappell Music. In 2019 he joins a film-scoring masterclass with illustrious composer Christopher Young.

From 2020 Riccardo begins a collaboration with Ennio Morricone’s son, Andrea Morricone, arranging and playing some of his music; an album by Andrea and Riccardo will be distributed during the next months.