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Stéphanie Elbaz is recognized as one of the most outstanding rising stars on the international piano scene, especially for her ability to provide highly poetical and technically impressive renditions. Her natural musical sensitivity combined to a life spent dedicating to technical mastering of piano allow her to express her emotion and passion in a very broad repertoire, which ranges from the great classics of the three previous centuries to the most prominent composers of today.

The fascination arising from her technical and interpretation virtuosity makes her to be continuously praised with standing ovations in the venues she performs. Her breathtaking performances, where technical brilliance, virtuosity, charm and sensitivity are all brought together, has already captured the attention of audiences from more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Stéphanie has spent many years perfecting the broadest and richest possible range of sound colors through an extensively large academic program. In particular, she has not only refined her skills in six amongst the most prestigious French conservatories since her childhood but also studied for several years in prestigious, leading higher conservatories in Belgium, the Netherland, and Austria.

This very valuable learning has resulted in Stéphanie being academically rewarded by inter alia Bachelors, Masters and Postmasters degrees in piano, two gold medals of piano, as well as three degrees of post-specialization, each time with highest honors. Still avid for technical and musical perfection, Stéphanie has regularly traveled in Germany and Austria over these last years, where she has been in full immersion in the cradles of prominent composers and concretized these unique experiences through concerts and recordings.

Stéphanie is very active on the international musical scene, playing in a wide array of instrumental configurations. To be more specific, she has a strong experience in performing piano solo in prestigious concert halls, such as the Mozarteum in Salzburg, the Liechtenstein Palace in Prague, the De Doelen in Rotterdam, the Alfred Cortot Hall in Paris, the Sao Luiz Theater in Lisbon, the Palazzo Ducale in Tuscany, as well as international festivals, in particular, Le Printemps des Alyzées” in Morocco, Itinéraire culturel de l’Abbaye de Valmagne” in France, the Palermo Classicain Sicily.

In addition to her solo career, she enjoys sharing her musical passion on the scene with other instrumentalists. For example, she has performed piano concertos with European Orchestras and collaborated on many occasions with other international pianists, such as J-B. Pommier, M. Rubackyté, and N. Luganski. Also, she is currently a member of an international trio in Munich and is preparing a piano recording in Roma with A. Viana, a famous Brazilian composer. Stéphanie’s international reputation always expanding, she will have a substantial schedule of concerts in China and other Asian countries in 2020. She will also perform in concert halls in Europe and other continents.

Although her career has been consciously orientated toward multiplying concert performances and focusing on intensive studies, Stéphanie has nevertheless really enjoyed participating in a reduced number of highly-regarded international competitions, where she has always won or reached the top places. These international competitions include those of Ile de France and Jean Françaix in Paris area, as well as the Franz Liszt in the Netherlands.

Stéphanie’s career has reached new dimensions after an outstanding live performance of the monumental Alkans concerto for solo piano in Prague. This 50-minute, high-voltage piece requires fiendishly high levels of technical ability and physical stamina, which make it almost never performed in live.

Her achievement in wrapping this formidable technical challenge with high amounts of poesy and romanticism has made her unanimously acclaimed by the public and critics. Her impressive performance has been referenced in rankings of the hardest pieces ever written for the piano.

Stéphanie has recently put her international reputation at the service of the luxury brand for pianos Gary Pons, for which she will be the world ambassador for the upcoming years.
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